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I offer top-level technical translation in my areas of expertise medicine and pharmaceutics as well as law. Moreover, the fields of PR and marketing as well as social media form part of my core competencies.

As an academically trained translator, I don’t just translate single words from one language into another. I rather process the given information and convey the message by choosing the appropriate expressions in the target language. Translating requires following the author’s train of thought, having profound technical and linguistic knowledge, doing meticulous research, and, in case of doubt, consulting with you as the “ultimate pro” in the respective field. This way, I guarantee results that meet your expectations.



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Do you draft most of your texts in-house and need a language expert to check the grammarspelling, and punctuation? I am happy to take on such proofreading assignments. A “fresh pair of eyes” can easily detect typos or mistakes which might have been overlooked. 

If you need someone to check and edit your text with specific regard to contextual and stylistic inconsistencies, I also offer editing services.


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